Our Bakery

At Luna's Bakery you will find delicious desserts, including donuts, cakes and assorted unique pastries. This charming bakery is owned and operated by Luis and Dalila Luna.  Since he was twelve, Luis dream of owning a bakery.  He grew up in Puerto Rico working after school for different bakeries, starting off frying donuts.  After graduation, Luis attended a professional institute where he learned how to manage a business and bake pastries. Today, Luna's Bakery is known for their Pan Sobao (sweet bread), Pan de Agua (French bread), and Quesitos (cream puff-cheese pastries) that are made from scratch daily on site.  


Luna's Bakery is a true family business, as Luis and Dalila are joined behind the counter by their daughter Jessica and their son Luis.  Family favorites include Pastel de Tres Leches (three-milk cake), flan, and three-layer cake.  At Luna's Bakery, you will find more than sweet treats, as they offer a host of sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Including their mouthwatering, Cuban sandwich, a hearty, juicy pork sandwich with ham, cheese, mustard, and pickles on fresh baked bread.